Had to make an emergency ran to the petrol station this morning. Tank was empty and for some reason, the station was closed last night.

Well – it was 12 am. So, I suspect it was closing time. ;p

Anyway, as I was filing up my tank this morning… I was shock when the counter didn’t stop at my normal full tank rate (between RM 150-160). It continue running !! I was so scared that the auto-stop was malfunction and images of the petrol spraying all over the car flashed in my mind. I quickly went to stop the auto-fill and started slowly filling the tank… Finally, around RM 185 ++ the stop trigger activated.

WHAT ?!!! since when ? when I reach office, i found out why. The petrol price increase again… sigh. It was just last month there was an increase.

What is the politician thinking ! this is definitely the surest way to lose your citizen’s vote.

sighhh…. T__T