Chuby goes to ‘Genting Skyworlds’!


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I woke up early to get ready for The journey to Genting Skyworlds. It was really long as my family and I had to travel up a towering mountain to get there. While we were in the car, my ears felt a bit deaf. My Daddy taught me to pretend to yawn, stretching my jaw so that my ears pressure will pop. This continue as we ventured higher up the mountain.

We sat on the cable car and made ourselves comfortable in the red gondola that would take us to Genting Skyworlds, which is actually a theme park/tourist attraction. Mummy had pre-ordered our tickets online and entry was a breeze by scanning in with her mobile phone. Mummy also downloaded their Genting Skyworlds app which made planning easier.

Up Up Up… away we go… It was really misty going up hill.

Once entered, we waited for the Opening Ceremony where a group of performers danced around the big fountain. After that, we proceed to enjoy our day with different attraction and entertainments.

Opening Ceremony at the main entrance. It was really misty but not very cold.

In order not to carry all our belongings around, daddy put our bags in secured lockers which is available in different location around the park. Daddy decided to put our belongings in the ICE AGE world. After that, we headed off to the Blue Sky Carousel – RIO world. It’s my 2nd favorite ride in the park.

The next few rides were a blur to me now but Mummy counted about 8 types of rides we have went on. We went on more than 8 rides actually since I repeated some because I really liked them.

We stopped for lunch after Ice Age: Time Warp. Mummy booked a time-slot for this show using the VR Queue (inside the Genting Skyworlds app). It is actually a live show with different characters from the Ice-Age. I really liked the acorn seats they have at the front for the children.

After lunch, it was raining so we had to buy raincoats from the gift store to keep ourselves dry. It’s not cheap at RM15/pcs.

We ventured through the theme park to find ourselves playing a game of ‘Night At The Museum’ where we had to shoot as many museum exhibits as possible. I enjoyed it very much. This is my Number 1 favorite ride in the park.

Once the rain stopped, we rode a hang glider suspended above the entire Genting Skyworlds park – Samba Gliders. I personally found it too fast and had experienced silent terror the entire time we were on that ride. Unfortunately during one the turns, it was so fast, I slammed my head on the seat. “Ouch”.

When it was time to head home, we headed to the gift shop. Mummy agreed to buy for me the ‘bubble wand’. It flashed different coloured lights and dispensed bubbles from the small hole on top of the ‘bubble wand’. I love it!

On our way back home, we took the cable car again. I admired the beautiful forest view surrounding us. It was truly an amazing experience. Thank you Mummy for organising such awesome trip.

I made this drawing with sketches on my Ipad.

Hope you enjoyed reading!😁

Chuby reads 5 books from the Percy Jackson Series.



The Percy Jackson series I have read goes in this order…

1.The Lightning Thief.

2.The Sea Of Monsters.

3.The Titan’s Curse.

4.The Battle Of The Labyrinth.

5.The Last Olympian.

I drew this picture of Percy Jackson and his friends. Hope you like it.

‘Percy Jackson’ is a modern day demigod/half-blood who happens to be the son of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea. Percy finds himself surrounded with monsters waiting to ambush him, so he finds himself stuck in the middle of this place called ‘Camp Half-Blood’.

You should definitely read the books. I’d put a 10/10 for this series of books.

CHUBY’S corner

Hello! I’m actually Baby R typing here, but you can just call me Chuby (Choo-bee) if you like.

Chuby = Chuletz’s Baby. Here are some stuff about me:

  • I like strolling through the snowy roads of Melbourne and admiring the beauty of nature.
  • I like bunnies. (She’s OBSESSED with bunnies!)
  • I’m a bookworm.
  • I’m from Asia.
  • My favourite country is Germany even though I’ve never been there because I love to learn how to speak German and I love to eat ‘Bretzels’.

Let the adventure begins… Hope you enjoy! 😊