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Hub and I saw this on Groupon and was really intrigue by it…

On the other hand, we were also a little weary of it as we had some bad experience with it. I know it’s not really Groupon’s fault as they are only advertiser and the merchant might have over promise during their ad. But, we figure it is a tangible product, it would have been easier to demand for a refund compare to a lousy service. (You cannot un-do the bad massage experience !)

So, we bought 4 to try first…If it is not up to our expectation, at least you won’t end up with like 12 of it sitting in your cupboard somewhere, waiting for actions to be made !!! Anyway, we were only planning of using it on one area in our garden which was a little dark at night and 4 should be enough (I think).

The LED lights come with several parts which was easily assembled into a a torch-like device. Looks quite cool. The finishing is pretty acceptable.

The only thing which we thought could have been better was if we can change the LED to the color we want. Then, it would be so cool when you throw a party and change the color according to the theme. 😉

Unfortunately, these will continuously change color. We did thought of synchronizing them to have the same color at the same time. But, the timing for each color change seems to be different between the lights. So, even if all 4 were turned on at the same time, it will slowly become quite random.

I manage to grab one picture with all 4 different colors. The first (bottom right) is yellow, follow by green, blue and red. I think I like blue the most. 🙂

Yay… our garden is so pretty at night now.