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Few days back, I had a sudden craving for Oysters. Must be from all the browsing I did at some of the oyster pictures during my recent trip to Melbourne. LOL…

Normally, if I want to get my hand on some nice fresh oysters in Malaysia, the only choice I have is to head to a western restaurant (like Ship / Monte and etc) Or Japanese restaurant. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like having either of the mains in these restaurant. I just want oyster (full stop).


Hence, I was super grateful for Oyster bar such as Shucked in Publika. Here… I get to satisfy my oyster cravings without the stress of ordering mains. I could just walk off after having my oysters. Awesome !

Hub and I decided to go for 3 pcs of Irish Premium (recommended by the ‘oyster-bartender’) and 3 pcs Tasmanian Prime. The Irish premium are the fatter ones on the right side in the picture.


The taste of these both are so different. These Tassie-ones are quite similar to the Coffin-bay (south Australia) variety in terms of the after taste. It carries the same salty-iron-like after taste except that it has less bite compare to the coffin-bay. I was actually quite surprise that these Tassie ones are kind of small in size. I remember the last time when we were in Tasmanian, the oysters (Barilla Bay) we had there was freakingly huge…

The Irish Premium was a delightful surprise. At first bite, it was a bit salty. But after that, you get a burst of creaminess flooding your whole mouth ending on a sweet note. Very interesting.

Yum… yum. Craving satisfied.