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My mom (who is a cooking instructor) used to bake us fresh bread when we (my siblings and I) were young. After we hit teen years, she stop baking. By that time, we were quite sick of breads anyway, so, we didn’t mind as much. And also because we stop eating her bread, mom realised that she was giving most of them away instead of feeding us. hehehe…  ;p

Yes yes – we don’t know how lucky we are. But, imagine having bread everyday!! AND on top of that she will bake tons of other stuff. So, the novelty wear off after 10 years !!

Anyway, now that she has retired. She REFUSED to bake anymore. le sigh..

Considering that I grew up with a baker / cooking instructor, many relatives think I should be blessed to know how to bake as well. Sadly, I don’t. I only know how to eat those breads and cakes. I was only forced to learn how to cook when my mom pack me off to Australia. The first meal I prepared for myself was a disaster. Rice was half cook. Chicken tasteless. Broccoli half cook (and I just throw them in hot water). It was a sad sad dinner indeed. While sitting down by myself, eating horrible tasting food, I realised how fortunate I am to have nice tasty food all this time. After that, I was determination to learn to cook. During the summer holiday, I went home and started bugging mom and my aunty to teach me how to cook. 10 years plus later, I think I am a pretty passable cook now.

Recently, I started thinking about making my own bread. Seeing my friends with their babies made me realised that I would love to be able to give my kids freshly baked bread too. Just like what I had during my childhood. So, being a zero experience baker, I was so excited when I come across the No -knead bread. Wow. This is so easy. Everyone says that even 4 year old can do it. So, I set off to give it a try.

Last night, I measure everything and get the dough ready.

The recipes calls for 12-20 hours of rising time. I thought since I am in a hot and humid country, 10 hours should be sufficient.

I waited patiently. (in fact, I was so excited I hardly sleep the whole night). Around 6 am this morning, I woke up to prepare the bread. It  has risen nicely. Took it out. Folded it as per shown on you tube. Throw it into my Staub cast-iron pot (which was pre-heated) and ran back upstair to shower.

When I come down, took the lid off. The bread was so beautiful. I was so excited. I took of the lid and let it bake for another 20 mins (to get the crust)

Looks amazing, right?

I let it cool on the rack before slicing it.

It was a GREAT disappointment.

Inside was dense. Not much big bubbles which I have seen from other people’s blog. the only plus point is that the crust was nice and crispy.

ARGHHH…. I failed. sobbb sob..

And to add to my injury, 4 year old can bake it better