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Hub and I will try to allocated some time for foot reflexology once every 2 – 3 weeks (Sunday night before facing the Monday blues). Sort of like a reward / pampering session for us. And also, we decided that it is a good couple / date time. On top of that it is a branch of traditional treatment and is suppose to be good for health.

Last week, we invited a good friend of ours, SJ, along to our favourite foot reflexology place. After 3 of us were usher in, we took our seat and wait for our masseurs to come. When I open my eyes, I was shocked they assigned this tiny girl to massage our friend for he is a big guy (almost 6ft at 90-95kg).

So, I joke about them letting the tiny girl to massage the big guy. She joke that she’s a mighty ant that can take down an elephant. Hehehee.. so ok, we proceed with our massage. Surprise surprise, SJ told us that she’s actually quite strong.

During the whole 60 minutes, it was quite funny as we try to figure out what the Chinese masseurs were trying to explain to us the pain points we felt. Some folks claim that experience masseur is able to release blockage of certain points from foot reflexology. If you explore online, you will find any charts showing area of feet that corresponds with organs in the body.

Hub and I notice how the girl pounded away on SJ’s feet. Hub finds it very funny. ;p

Seeing how enthusiastic his masseur is, SJ happily told her (in mandarin) that during one of his trip to China, the masseur that was assigned to him was so tired halfway that his breath stop. Immediately, the girl who was massaging his feet stop and stare at him in shocked.

After some translation, we figure out that SJ meant – gasping for air. ;p hahaha…

The poor girl.