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If you are looking for really good mattress and are willing to invest at least 5-digits (MYR), then, I’m pretty sure your choice ends up between these 3 S mattress brands ; Simmons, Serta and Sealy. (Technically, it’s really 2 mother brands as Simmons and Serta are actually own by the same private equity company). Now, why did I say invest?! I’ll get to that later in the post.

During my hunt for a good mattress to replace my existing Slumberland Tempcool (which I have used for about 3 years before starting to get backache after a night sleep), I narrow down my research to the 3 S’s respective top-seller model. For Simmons, it is their BeautyRest. For Serta, it’s the Perfect Sleeper. And, Sealy, the Posturepedic range. (Please note that ranges you see in Malaysia can be slightly different from their US site – as it’s from different manufacturing site)

These 3 models are all Spring-coil type mattress. (If you are not a spring-coil fan, then, there are other types out there, like latex, memory foam and etc). Each of them has their slight twist and differences to their coil – each believe their design is the best (of course). Not surprising, both Simmons and Serta have the closest match in terms of internal design. After spending a huge amount of time online and reading up heaps reviews, I made the decision to check out the showrooms.

The first stop was Simmons. Personally, I had my heart set on going with this brand already since I read so many raving reviews about it. On top of that, Simmons is also the OEM for the Westin fame Heavenly bed. I’m not a fan of the heavenly bed after my last time sleeping in it in Westin Phuket. But, I was willing to forgo that experience. Hub and I head to the nearest Simmons showroom and we spend literally half day sleeping/testing on each and everyone of the mattress in their showroom. Hehehe.

Aside from their customary top seller, they also carry limited editions made for specific countries (like Korea / Japan and etc…). Unfortunately, both of us couldn’t agree with ONE specific mattress. I was either too soft for hub or too hard for me. The poor kind sales person was really nice about it. He gave us the price for our top 3 favourite and told us to take our time to decide… I was quite reluctant to walk away.

Some weeks later, we finally found some free time and drag ourselves to Serta showroom. It was relatively smaller compared to Simmons but they have most of their top range on display. We tested out almost everything they have on display and really liked 3 of them; The Perfect Sleeper and 2 from the iPedic range. Hub was leaning towards the Perfect Sleeper and I was favoring the iPedic – iPrestige. Both are the same price! So, we ended up jumping between these 2 beds quite a bit. The sales guy / boss, was kind enough to indulge us and even throw in the duvet and pillows for us to try a REAL sleeping condition. It was awesome. I did almost fall asleep on the iPrestige. Haha.

Serta iPrestigeFinally, hubby told me that he thinks iPrestige was pretty comfortable and he thinks we should get that. (I’m not sure if hubby just gave in to me, or he decided that he lazy to repeat the whole testing process in Sealy, or he was excited that the Serta is almost half the price of the Simmons mattress I liked…)

Hence, we decided to go with Serta since there’s no point hunting around anymore if we both liked it. It’s seriously not easy to find a mattress that fits both different individual at the same time. Look how thick and plush the top side is !!! After some negotiation and throwing in some freebies, we agreed with the deal. Delivery took about 4-5 weeks.

Plush Top sidePlease note that Serta’s mattresses in Malaysia are manufacture in Indonesia. The latex used is import from Malaysia. The boss was very honest and shares the info with us before we decide. Another thing he caution us was that this mattress is quite thick, about 40cm. So, we will need to be careful when getting certain fitted sheet.

Luckily all our existing fitted sheet can fit nicely over it. If not, I’ll be quite upset since I love all my bedsheets so much (hubby thinks I’m crazy when it comes to buying our bedsheets…). Good bed linen sets are not cheap, ok?! But luckily, I have good friends and family who showers me with gorgeous bed sheets. hehehe.

At the end of the day, mattress hunting is a relatively personal choice. You really have to walk into a showroom, take off your shoes and lie there to test it out yourself. It also really depends on what kind of sleeper you are. If you are side sleeper, test it lying on your side. If you prefer sleeping on your back, do that. Try to head to the showroom when it’s not peak hour so that you can really spend a long time lying down (at least 15-20 mins).

Why do I say investment? I always feel that since we spend at least 1/3 of our life sleeping (8 hours/day), we should spend some money to ensure that our sleep it a good one. Not only that, a good sleeps helps to give us a better rest so that we will feel re-energized the next day. Most of these mattresses comes with a 10-15 year warranty.

If we take the Slumberland for instant, it work out to be about RM1000++/year (since I only got 3 years out from it). The Serta works out to be around RM1100++/year (IF I get about 10 years out from it). So, only time will tell… hubby did highlight that we could always opt to buy cheaper mattress and change every 2-3 years. But, I’m lazy to spend the time hunting for mattress, going thru the waiting and delivery, exchanging if got problem and etc.

It’s been almost a year sleeping on our Serta iPrestige,  I notice a slight sinking but, it’s not very significant. Serta did highlight that if the sinking is more than 4cm (i think), they will replace a new mattress for you. Overall, I still love my mattress…

Every Serta mattress comes with a free Serta counting sheep. We got number 5. I kind of like that the 5 looks like a ‘S’ for Serta. LOL.

Iconic Serta Counting Sheep