About Chuletz

Pig in Chinese is ‘Chu’. So, Chu-Let = Pig-Let.

Got it from friend of mine who can barely speak mandarin – trying to show off how much he know. He got thru most of the items correctly until he pick up my favorite soft-toy, piglet and proudly say chulet. hehehe… since my mom always call me her baby-pig, i adopted chulet as my nick.

Chulet is born in Malaysia and Melbourne is her second home…

Frequent traveler due to the requirement of her job.

Her favorite cities are

  • Melbourne (of course) – love the food, the laid-back lifestyle, beautiful green gardens, and the weather !!
  • Paris – love the sights, the smell in the air (especially winter), the shopping !! and FOOD.
  • Juan Les Pins – amazing beaches, quaint markets, beautiful buildings, friendly people, superbly fresh seafood … yummm…
  • Dusseldorf – love the variety of cultures and people. highly diversify food selection.
  • Bangkok – shopping, eating, massage at REALLY cheap and affordable price. How can you not love that?!
  • Tokyo – people everywhere. running up and down. cute and highly robotize and yet if you venture to some hidden alley, you find traditions dated eons back still practiced and embraced. Polite and friendly ppl.
  • Singapore – highly efficient and clean. shopping, shopping, shopping !!!

Loyal to friends and family. (I mean come on… piglet stood by pooh all the time). Loves to eat  (even the plane food), sleeps, travels and shops.

Whenever she has time, she likes to dabble in the kitchen to cook up a storm. Now that she’s married, hubby is her number 1 Guinea Pig. Muahahaa…

She loves GOD and is thankful that God continues to bless her life and her family in everything.

Chulet started this blog at first with the intention to whine and rant… But, she soon realised that it is better to write about things she cares and loves. She hopes people who stumble upon her blog will find some enjoyment in reading it.

Chulet playing chess