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The whole world recently turn their focus to the new Influenza A virus, or also known as the Swine Influenza Virus (SIV). The first case of this virus actually happened in late March.  But, the whole thing is said to be under control and outbreak is wanning. Since there was no solid evidence that the virus was from pigs, Chulet is not even sure why everyone still call it Swine Flu… Currently, it is only confirmed that the virus is spreading from human-to-human type.

However, there are some experts who raise some concern that the ‘flu-season’ (Probably they mean winter – where flu is quite a common thing) is coming soon and they are worry the new virus might merge with the common flu to became a migthier virus. (Not really sure where I read it already… )

Chulet was very interested about this as she will need to travel to the States in June. Instead of worrying about it, the best thing to do is to keep myself educated about this virus.

Some of the interesting pointers Chulet got from online / newspapers / emails are

1) Remember to wash your hand with soap often and each time you should try to wash them for at least 20 seconds. Chulet’s bf made a valid comment about washing the TAP too. I mean, it will definitely defeat the purpose if your hands are clean but then you infected them again when you turn off the tap. (From some reports I read, it was mentioned that this virus can actually live outside the body on surfaces for up to 3 days)

2) Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze with tissues. Remember to dispose of the tissue properly after that. (Again – remember to wash your hand after that)

3) DON”T touch your face with your hands / fingers… (this means NO nose picking !! rubbing your eyes, biting on your nails ! and etc..)

4) Try not to touch at things in public places (bus station, train station, library, parks, playground and etc..)

5) Bring along alcohol hand sanitizer wherever you go. (And perhaps also baby wipes to clean the area a little before you sit or eat in public places)

6) Wear nose and mouth mask… (Never like this – make breathing really inconvinient)

7) SEE the doctor immediately if you are feeling feverish, having sore throat, runny nose, cough, muscle pain, severe headache, chill, nausea or if you are vomitting.

8) Might be a good idea to get 1 box of Tamiflu (only if you NEED to travel to countries with confirmed infected case). Try not to stockpile them as this will means that you are taking away medication supply from people who will really need it. 1 box of Tamiflu consists of 10 capsules, which you are suppose to take 2 times a day IF and IF you are showing signs of the influenza. Again, the medication should be taken at the early stage of the influenza to stop the progression of the virus.  Personally, I would recommend you to only take it IF you have no immediate access to clinic / hospital when you are experiencing the influenza symptoms.

Chulet pray that everyone will keep healthy and safe during these time.