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Chulet and Chu-mama just got back from a trip to Singapore. We were there for 4 Days 3 Nights. It was mainly as a little getaway for Chu-mama as she whines that it was AGES since she last go to Singapore. Since, chulet needs to be there for business meeting, I thought it will be great to kill 2 birds with one stone.. ;op

We stayed at the Fairmont hotel (previously known as Raffles plaza). I always love this hotel. The service there is always efficient… The rooms are clean and the BED !! oh my.. oh my.. the bed sheet are amazingly soft.. with 4 GIANT duck feather pillow to rest your head upon. (sighh.. simply blissfull). The cost of the rooms also includes the complimentary gym and spa access. hehee.. unfortunately, for this round, we decided to skip the spa and head straight for SHOPPING and more shopping !! hahhaa..

On Mother’s Day, we decided to try Inagiku. It is considered as one of Singapore’s premier Japanese restaurant. I am happy to say that the Food and Service was SUPERB ! Since we were not very hungry, we decided to order one Set to try.  The damage? About SGD 400+ (inc tax and etc.)

Salad + Shasimi

The meal start of with some cripsy salad and sashimi. The cut was good and fresh.

foie gras

follow by, pan seared foie gras. It was perfection !! Melts in mouth….Definitely an A+ in my books!!! It sits on top of some oyster mushroom and drizzled with sweeten balsamic reduction sauce (which I so ADORE !! ). It will be great if they actually furnish me with some freshly baked baguette.  That would have been perfect-o.

Lobster !!!! with Cheese

The next meal on the menu is Lobster in Cheese !!! eeekkk…OOOHH my my my.. this was definitely the STAR of the meal. The cheese was light in taste and doesn’t overpower the lobster’s taste. The Lobster was georgously FRESH and cook just right !! Interestingly, the fish roe actually balance the whole cheese taste and helps to sort of cleanse my taste bud before taking in another bite of the lobster. Chu-mama and chulet was sp happy licking up all the cheese and YES – we were very reluctant to surrender our plate when the waitress come and clear them. (BTW, they not only change our plate for every meal, the PLATES are all different !! )

Beef steak The beef steak arrived to our table immediately after the clear off our lobster. It was cooked just the way I love it. Medium Rare (Asia standard) / Medium (European standard)… For from reason, whenever I asked for Medium in Asia country, it always turns out Well-done (in my opinion). Beef just gets tough and that special taste is not there anymore… The only reservation I have for this is the layer of FAT slab right in the middle of the meat.. If I recall, it was suppose to be Wagyu. Personally, I was a little suprise to see that slab of Fat as all the Wagyu I had thus far are all well-marbled. Nevertheless, it was OK.

Japanese Melon

For Dessert, they serve us the Japanese Melon (Premium Cantalope) ! As your can see from the picture, the meat of the fruit looks slightly crystal-like and it was also transparent. The Japanese are known to pays tons and tons of money to enjoy this fruit. The record in 2008 was 2.5Million yen (RM 93.5k / USD 26.3k) for 2 Yubari (little town in Hokaiddo – northern side of Japan).  Imagine that !!! this would mean that ONE of those melon is about USD 13,000 !!!! WOW…The good news was due to the current recession, this years auction for these melons are at 500k Japanese Yen (USD 5k), bringing it to about USD 2.5k per melon… shocking eh? ;oP

The taste was definitely totally different compare to our everyday-average melon. The meat was exceptionally juicy and the sweetness was amazing. It was not TOO sweet (like sugar) but it was a very refreshing kind of sweetness.

It was serve with coconut ice-cream which I tot was very clever as any other types of flavour would have make our taste bud so complicated that we will not be able to pick-up the melon’s taste after that..

Overall, It was definitely AN experience I would LOVEEEEE to repeat…