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Chulet has always been fascinated with the permanent hair removal possibility !!

Think about it .. No more tweezing, No more waxing !! No MORE hairy ..erm.. parts.

Fortunately, chulet is not very very hairy. But then there are certain occasion / functions whereby it will be required that I undergo the torture of being waxed. I am thankful that I am not as hairy as some. When I was watching Sex in the City, there was one scene where Harry went for waxing for his beloved. The pain when I hear the loud ripping sound… brr.. Those who wax, will know.

So, you would understand why the thought of permanently removing it sounds heavenly.. ;oP

Chulet also is very very scare of pain.. sob sob. When I was young, chulet had to go for some injection thingy. Chulet scream and cry so loud that the some of the people at the waiting room actually jumped out from the chair (according to the nurse – who know my mom very well) anyway, getting back to IPL..

Several years back, many of chulet’s friend went for Laser treatment and some of them came back with feedback that it is only little pain..

Chulet : HOW Little?

Friend : aiyah.. very very little.. just a quick prick.

Chulet : what you mean by prick? like needle prick? O__O

Friend : well.. more like ant bites.

Chulet : ANT ?? Red ant or black??

Friend : (roll their eyes)

Anyway, the point is I am really scare of pain and I HATE pain. So, I decided not to take the risk..

Recently, a good friend introduce chulet to IPL. (well, it was not really like introduce but sort of like throw into it). The friend was doing the IPL treatment and I was suppose to meet this friend there after my hair-cut. When I was there in the ‘clinic’, the lady there educate me about IPL. Somemore she throw in a free ‘one shot’ trial for me. She claim that it is PAIN-less… WOW…. no pain le.. Chulet is super interested already.

So, Chulet obediently  follow the nice lady to the room. The lady started explaining that she will first roll on some cold thingy on me before she zap one shot onto me. After zapping, she ask me if I feel anything. Truthfully, there was no pain !! I didn’t feel anything. probably numb from the cold. After that, she smile at me and ask if I want to do the whole area.. (chulet thought about it…for like 5 second) and nod my head.

The lady happily zapped away. .. zap.. zapp.. Zap… still not pain !

The whole process lasted for like 5 – 10 minutes and it was done. (huh? so fast?) After that, I was told to come back in for another 6 sessions, (1 month apart)

The result from only one session seems like it is starting to work.. (Happy happy..)

Can’t wait for the second session….