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My love for milkshake begins when a good friend of mine brought me to this quaint Japanese restaurant (Samurai) in Melbourne. This place makes AWESOME green tea milkshake. From then on, I love LOVE milkshake. My favourite is still vanilla milkshake.

I got some really nice and pretty strawberries from dad and decided to turn them into milkshake. After washing and slicing them to halves, I pat it dry. Look how Red and beautiful they are ! And it smell amazing.


I use my hand blender for this job as it’s easier to clean up after and I am only making 2 small cups of milkshake. Pour in about 1/2 cup of milk (depending on how thick you want your shake) and top it off with 2 cups of vanilla ice cream (I just spoon in about 5 big spoon).

Getting ready to blendAfter 30 seconds, my milkshake is DONE. Easy, right? I love my Kenwood hand blender. So convenient!

30 second later Strawberry MilkshakeIt is not really sweet and I could taste the fresh strawberries. Awesome. IF you like it to be sweeter, try adding honey. A small cup of milkshake before zzZZZzzz… so comforting. LOL.