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Hmm…. 12pm now. another 30mins to lunch.

This is always the hardest time during work for me.I usually gets really hungry around 11:45am.

So, by 12pm, i’ll start fidgeting, and thinking about where to eat and what to eat … which makes it worst (as I get hungrier and hungrier)

Deciding that it is not a good thing, I decided to post an entry in my blog. Initially, I was thinking of posting about something else altogether.

But, the FOOD keep coming back to haunt me.

So, here I am …. thinking about food again.


After considering the food options available, I decided that for lunch today, it will be at Seremban favourites in Aman Suria area.

Personally, i still prefer Meng Kee Char Siew at glenmarie, shah-alam. But, my brother favours Seremban Favourites.

Since I am generally the less fussy eater, he can choose. ;p

Char-Siew… char-siew. .. yumm…

ohh.. btw, for those who don’t know what Char-siew is,

It is normally pork belly (3 layer / 5 layer) BBQ with honey / maltose mix with a few more assortments of herbs and spices. Normally consume with rice / noodles.