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Lesson one – DO NOT WASH your Atlas 150 !!! sob sob… being an OCD, I can’t help myself. I washed it… sigh. AND, I found some rusty bits on the cutter wheels. But, if you do get some rust, don’t worry. This is what me and my bro did to clean it up. We made a batch of dough with cheap flour and water only into very dry and hard dough. Using that, we ran it thru the cutter a few hundred times (me – exaggerating) and thank God the dough manages to pick up all these rusty bits… So, I’ve learned my lesson. Just use a slightly damp cloth to wipe everything and leave it at that.

I whipped up a batch of dough using 300gm of flour and 3 eggs with my trusty Kenwood Kmix. It’s my first time using my dough hook. It’s fun and so easy to use. After mixing everything into a ball, I let the machine knead it for about 2-3 mins before kneading it with my hand. Let the dough rest for about 30mins and it’s ready to be churn into pasta. Yippee… Dough PreparationLet me tell you – Pasta making is NOT a job for one person! You need at least 2 people. One to row the pasta and one to cradle it as it roll out. Thank God I had 3 other people helping. One to roll, one to cradle, one to lay them out to dry and mum for helping to wash up the mess we made. Lol. Hehehe…

Flattening the dough

The Atlas rolled out the pasta perfectly. It was really easy to use. First we rolled the dough using the ‘0’ setting a few times until we get the basic shape we want. Then, we start going up the dial. We made 2 batches, one up to ‘8’ and another to ‘9’. It’s too thin for fettuccini. Sigh. I think I would prefer it thicker. The next time, I’ll stop at ‘5’ or ‘6’. Dial on pasta maker

Very important to allow your pasta to dry sufficiently before throwing into the boiling water. I don’t have a drying rack… so we had to find a innovative solution. hehehe. Don’t worry, it’s clean. I glad-wrap the whole table surface. Drying Pasta

Fresh pasta cooks really fast. So, be very careful to test your pasta from time to time until you get the bite you want.

Tada… 2 flavours for the night.

Carbonara Fettuccini

Cabonara Fetucini

And Smoke Salmon and Saute Scallop Fettuccini

Pan Fry ScallopSalmon Scallop pasta

Can’t wait to try another batch…