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My family and I were at One Utama shopping center last night (24th Feb 2013) for dinner when everything went pitch black around 8pm. At first, we thought it is just a power trip at the restaurant and should be fixed quite quickly. We continue eating and the restaurant started bringing out candle lights. That was when I got a little worried. I went out of the restaurant and was shocked to see the WHOLE old wing was in darkness.

The restaurant tried to calm us and say that it should be fixed quite fast and they are liaising with One Utama management on this matter. After 20 minutes, we decided that it’s not worth hanging around anymore. We paid for whatever we have eaten and made our way to another restaurant. (Thankfully, we manage to find one which have space for 20+ of us in such short notice and on the 15th day of CNY somemore!)

When we left the car park onto the main road, hubby saw smoke coming out from the shopping center! And this morning news confirmed it. There was a fire in One Utama last night!!!

I am shocked and disappointed at the same time. MY whole family could have been roast piggies last night ! sigh… AND, we have NO warning at ALL!!!

No fire alarm !

No proper evacuation plan!

No announcement / information!

No proper emergency lighting!

How can this building get fire safety certification in the first place without all these plans / procedure in place?

We were lucky that the restaurant was next to the One World hotel and we have lights emitting from there. Inside the restaurant was pitch dark. I was reading online that many areas was plunge into total darkness. It’s so dangerous considering there’s escalators, steps, railings everywhere in a shopping center. Not to mention, family with elderly folks, children and babies.

I’m very disappointed with One Utama… considering it’s suppose to be the world 4th largest mall, I think having a good fire safety plan is MUST.

Please upgrade your fire safety plan and facilities.