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I was listening to BFM (Business FM) this morning interviewing the Managing Director (SEA) of  hansgrophe. It was a really interesting interview as I know I was quite fixated on good toilet fixture during our renovation. LOL.

At the end of the interview, the BFM team usually does a short wrap up and one of them mentioned that all these beautiful fixture would be useless unless you have a good water pressure. I concur.

Many Malaysian’s home do not have good water pressure especially on their 2nd floor onwards. It’s really frustrating to have a shower sometimes. There was once I turn off my water pump and forgotten to turn it back. It took me ages to rinse off. At the end, I think I spend more than double the amount of time but I still don’t feel refresh after the shower. le sigh… YES – I LOVE my rain shower ! And without the water booster, it’s more like a bad leaking tap. bleh.

So, before you ran out and spend a fortune buying all these beautiful fixtures, you must first think about the water pressure in your home. If it’s bad. FIX that first. The easiest way would be to install a water booster pump to pull water out from your water tank into your shower.

Hub and I spare no thought into getting a really good and solid one from Grundfos. We prefer the Uni-E type. Grundfos Uni-E Pump

There are several model and booster power. So, you really need to check with the sales person which is suitable for you.  Personally, I think for any normal size water tank, any of these 3 model below should be sufficient to do the job. Why do I say water tank and not the size of home? In my opinion, if you have one decent size water tank, it should be use to serve at most 3-4 frequent use bathrooms. IF you have more rooms, it would be better if you have a 2nd water tank anyway.

Grundfos Uni-E Pump Performance curve

Even if you have 4 showers and 4 taps, the Uni-E 5-5 should be sufficient. You probably rarely have all the fittings (4 showers + 4 taps) all turn on anyway. So, there’s no need to go overboard getting an over-powered booster. It is going to cost you more for the electricity.

Have fun hunting for a good water booster !