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I have been itching to try my hand on fresh-made pasta ever since attending the pasta making class last year. However, I kept procrastinating on the ground that I don’t have a pasta maker to help with the rolling and cutting. hehehe… Yes – I know I could do it manually… but then, it will means that I won’t be a proud owner of this fabulous baby!

Pasta Roller - Cutter

I was a little frustrated at the price and selection of pasta maker in KL. It’s either of crappy plastic type or really expensive. I did consider getting the ‘pan-mee’ variety but I was worry it might not work. I know the pan-mee dough it slightly softer and not as much ‘chew’ compare to the pasta dough.

So, when I saw the recent sale for this Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker (made in Italy), I couldn’t resist myself. LOL. Got my baby brother to lug it back from Melbourne for me. hehehe.. Thank you baby bro! 🙂

Marcato Atlas 150

Can’t wait to use it soon and make some hand rolled pasta… look, it’s so shiny. 🙂

Maybe during the Chinese New Year when I finally have a LONG long holiday. YAY! – Read my experience using it here.