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After using the HCE granite sink for a month (Read on why I choose this sink here), I really like it a lot. The only drawback is that IT’s not BIG enough. hehehee…

The color I chose is grey. I love how it makes the little specks of my quartz countertop more prominent. After hunting around, I finally matched it with a mixer from Sorento. I love how sleek it looks. The combination is perfect !!! (in my opinion anyway). hehehe..

Ta-da. Here’s my sink up close and personal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ohh.. Look..I even got the grill matching with the sink. (Actually, I got the sink to match my grills. hehehee)

I find the best way to clear the sink of water droplets after using, is to sweep it down with a squeegee (window wiper). It is really easy and fast.


Update : July 2013

Hi Ivan H & Pauline,

After some digging around, I finally manage to find a picture I took of the sink before they cover it with the quartz.

Sink mountingAs you can see, the sink is mounted like a top mount on the wooden carcase first. The contractor makes a step down so that the sink sit flush to the wooden surface.

After that, they lay the quartz stone over the sink. As per the picture above. Hope this helps. ๐Ÿ™‚