Chulet developed a slight fever this morning halfway thru work.. Yes – my colleagues must be throwing darts at my face now.

So, I left work asap to look for a doctor.

Doctor say it’s a slight fever and nose block, and since I just got back from the states and HK, she advice that I stay at home to see if it develops to anything. If I have not been travelling, she would have shrug it off as nothing. 

As I am having some fever, I asked the doc if she will be giving me some medication. She say I should not take anything and wait for it to manifest.. (WAH.. sounds scary ya?).

So, she issue a 3 days MC for me. She say I could also opt to check myself into the hospital to see if it is of anything serious. But then, she think there would be no point if it is not true. Anyway, the decision was mine to make.

Decision Decision Decision…

Chulet decided to stay at home and see how.. :o(

After 3 hours of wondering around the house… I’m bored… sigh


** Just got a call from my colleague who was travelling with me also. She is having sore throat now. I told her to go see doctor and check if she has fever… She say she’ll go straight to the hospital to check. OOoo… cool. If she’s ok, this means that I am ok too. Nice.. So, chulet waits…