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So,  where was I ?

Oh yes – the mask or not to mask?

Gave it a really long thought and at the end of the day, I only wore my mask for like 1 hour.


When the plane was about the land into San Francisco.


People are starting to wake up and heard alot of sniffing and coughing and sneezing.. So, I felt a little uneasy and wore my mask. Another reason I gave myself was that with people waking up, they are prone to spread their virus compared to when people are sleeping and not walking about.

After landing into the San Fran airport, people started taking off their mask. So, I did too… probably peer pressure and the fear of being ridicule about being a scarry-cat. 😛

But, hey, if you are not comfortable taking off the mask, my advice is to keep it on and shrug it off if people are staring at you.

Anyway, even with the confirmed H1N1 case in USA reached about 27k case with about 125 death, people are not wearing mask in the street at all.

But then, it is very different in HK.

The minute I arrived into HK this morning, I notice that majority of people are wearing mask even in the airport. All the airport staff are wearing mask and thermal scanner are set up everywhere !!

I was a little scared about being detain as I was having a slight fever 2 days back !!! Luckily, after 2 panadols and a long good rest, the fever was gone ! Yay !!!

Chulet is now in Hong Kong !!!! 🙂