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19th June night..

Chulet will be flying to USA tomorrow morning. With the recent ‘HooO Haah’ about the H1N1 flu virus going around, Chulet armed herself with all the medication she could think off and 4 different varieties of face-mask!!

 So, what did Chulet bought?

3-ply mask which is suppose to be good for 2-3 hours

4-ply which last for 4-5 hours.

3M 8511 N95 mask which is suppose to last for 12 hours

3M 9332 FFP3 Face Mask that is almost the same as the N95 mask only that this mask has a cool flow valve (which suppose to help with the comfort factor)

 The damage?

3-ply >> RM0.60/pcs

4-ply >> RM1.00/pcs

N95 >> RM5.00/pcs

FFP3 >> RM20.00/pcs (so expensive!! But, I guess if you have to have your face-mask on flight of more than 12 hours!! Being comfortable is VERY very important )

Now, the question is whether to wear the face-mask or not? Many people don’t bother with the face-mask as they feel that it is like making a big fuss over small issue. Many advices are to ensure to keep hand clean at all time. The hand sanitizer is suppose to be your best friend. Wet Wipes are super popular as well. One guy advice traveller to wipe down the flight seat and table before using them. Chulet thought that seems like a really smart idea.


So, mask or no mask??


20th early morning….

to be continue.