It has been about 3 weeks plus since my first IPL experience.
So far, the result is surprisingly good !!

The best part is some of the in-grown hair seems to be gone.. and the hair starts falling off after reaching a certain length. Of Course there’s still some left, but, it is not very obvious.And all this in only after one treatment ! hehee..

According to the consultant in charge of my treatment, I am considered as the little hairy group. And since my hairs are very fine, it is easier to see good results. So, for my first treatment, she started me with a level 5 intensity. One of my gf started with Level 4. So, it is actually different for different people.. Over time, the intensity will be increase until the maximum of 6.

I will be going for my second treatment next week. Let’s hope the pain intensity stays ZERO !! :oP