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Last few days has been insufferably hot… Even when Chulet is sitting in the office with full air-conditions blasting about, chulet was still sweating !! And considering how chulet like to eat, she is even scare of going out from the office for lunch !!   The problem with heat for chulet is that she always get a migraine when it gets too hot. Unfortunately, the migraine come on on thursday during noon time. It was so bad I decided to call it a day and go home to get some medication. Since I was 12, I had migraine. I have tried many medication. Taking 4 panadols at one time will do nothing for me. Eventually, the doctors start me with panadeine. It is never good to take too much painkillers. The more you take, the more you are immune to them.. I guess it is a little like sleeping pills. When I was studying in Melbourne, the doctors there gave me Imigran. Unlike panadeine, the pain doesn’t miraculously dissapear immediate. However, I notice that the length of each episode is greatly reduce. When I was on Panadeine, the pain went away after a 2 hours of sleep.. but it will eventually come and go for the next 3-5 days. With Imigran, it was down to 2-3 days. So, it was definitely a relief for me… Fortunately, I am not a very frequent migraine suffer as my migraine only comes about 2 times a month then. Whenever I start feeling like I am having a stiff neck and my head feels heavy, I know the trobbing will come next. In another 30 minutes of so, I will be almost crippled by the pain. Any sounds, light,  smell or small movement I make, makes the pain worst. Whenever I have migraine, everything stops. All my activities, my studies, my life, all takes a pause. I cannot function at all except to lie in the bed with all the curtain drawn. Air-condition to the max. No one in the house is allow to watch TV or make any noise !! Finally, dad got a little worried and brought me to a singapore hospital for a full brain scan. Thankfully, they found nothing. The doctor then swtich my medication to zomig. Zomig was a little hard to take as I find the taste ‘awful’. Whenever I think or type zomig, I can taste the awful taste in my mouth.. yuck.. But, the amazing thing is zomig helps to ease the pain alot quicker than Imigran and also cut the length to almost 1-2 days. It is also because the singapore doctor tell me that imigran got side effect. after taking it for too long, might give heart problem.. O__O So, what next? My dad was introduce to American Ginseng or ‘pau-sam’ in Cantonese (the really very good quality type -so he claims).. He got a little obsessed with this little root-thing. All the sudden, anyone who has any sickness, my dad introduce them to eat the ginseng ! ;oP As for me, I was also one of his pet-project. He started making me take ‘pau-sam’. At first, I was reluctant as I don’t really like the bitterish taste of the soup made from the ginseng. Some people boil it with chicken to make it taste better. For me, I prefer it to be less oily. So, I usually just boil it with water and a pinch of salt. Eventually, the taste kinda grew on me. I start taking it even the weather gets too hot or whenever I had too much heaty food. Nobody can really ran away from heaty food in Malaysia. Even out King of Fruit (durian-san) is a super heaty fruit. There is some change. I notice that my migraine frequency dropped !! After taking the ‘pau-sam’ for like 6 months, my migraine only comes about 3-4 months once !! For all those who suffer migraine, I am sure this is a GREAT relief. For those lucky ones who don’t, you don’t know what a relief it is to be able to do anything and eat anything without the worry of getting the kinda of pain that only migraine suffer will understand… So, for those of you (non-chinese) who might be desperate enough, why not try it? It is tradisional medicine anyway. If it can’t cure it totally, it is still suppose to have help make one’s body healthier.  😉