My shopping habits has always tend to lean towards the bulk buying type. So, finding solution for long term storage is very important for me. One of my favorite way is to Vacuum Seal the food. I find that it not only extend the shelf-life of the food, but also retain the flavor well.

Heavy Duty Food Vacuum Machine

Some of the item that I vacuum seal are like the anchovies, dried mushroom, Chinese herbs, candy, Meat, seafood, and many more. I usually buy a big bulk of anchovies and then remove the head and guts in one go. After that, I’ll pack them into portion size. That way, I will finish one whole pack every time I cook, and not risking contamination on the rest. This also allow me to store them in my pantry (not the fridge).

Anchovies all nicely vacuum packed and ready for storage
Dried Mushroom.

It also makes labeling much easier. I just need to write it on the top corner together with the expiry date.

The Vacuum Sealer I got has a compartment for the roll of plastic bags and a cutter. So, it makes it really easy to slice the bag and make an even straight cut. When I bought it (a few months back…) it was about RM 290++ without shipping. I’ve been using for more than 15+ times now and I really LOVE love it. It’s so easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Vacuum sealing wet food can be a bit tricky. But, this machine allows a Manual overwrite, so, I can opt to do a incomplete vacuum and proceed straight to heat seal.

Vacuum seal my extra satay (not grill) and then place a few pack inside a ziplock bag for organisation purpose. LOL… sorry, I’m OCD

Loving my New Kitchen toy…. 🙂