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This new toy was something which I have been wanting to get for some time. I used to have a small canon photo printer in the Uni days (which was like decades ago..)

I remember the first time my dad got it for me, I was so fascinated with the idea of printing my own picture. When we were younger, we will always have to bring the roll of negative to a photo shop to get it professionally ‘wash’. It is always exciting to get it develop because then we can reminisced on time when those photo were taken.

When things become digital and taking picture with our mobile becomes so easy, over storing photos became a norm. It is always there but how often do we actually look thru it again?

When our little one started nursery, the school actually encourage us to let her bring some pictures of her family in her bag. So that if she gets upset, she can look at it while waiting for us to come pick her up later. And, even after she has outgrown the need of this small photo album, she still tends to flip thru the album and smile.

This made me thought of taking up scrap booking again and showing her ways to preserve her precious memories. Hence, the decision to buy this new little toy.

I choose the Canon selphy because it looks so pretty !!! haha… and i also read a lot of good reviews on it. I might also be biased because my first photo printer was a Canon also. Another reason is because the Selphy is able to print 4R size. With the phone camera capability nowadays, it is not a problem to get the picture resolution sufficient to have a good printing result.

This little baby is so easy to use. I am not tech savvy … and getting it set up was a brisk. I am just amaze with the wifi ability to print from either my laptop or handphone. It is really cool. I love it….

My little Pink Canon Selphy CP1300. luv it !

Now, to print some nice pictures and get the book scrapping on the way.