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I love driving to Yarra Valley Dairy whenever I drop by Melbourne. Why?

Cheese !!! Of course. :p

Not to mention the fabulous scenic drive along the way. I love the amazing trees, off-road tracks and miles of beautiful vineyards scattered across this part of the countryside. The drive from Melbourne City to Yarra Valley Dairy probably only took us about an hour plus with one or two toilet breaks along the way. So, it makes a great day trip / road trip.

Be prepared to veer off the proper road into some really bumpy roads to get to the destination. Hub took a wrong turn unfortunately due to a ‘slight-error’ made by the navigator (me). But, thankfully – we got back right on track immediately because my friend who was supposedly trailing us took the right turn after seeing the sign board. LOL.Yarra Dairy TurnoffRight on Track

The shop has definitely expanded since my last trip there (maybe 4 years ago…). The dairy farm produces their own cheese and is mainly the fresh and soft varieties either from cow’s milk or goat’s milk.

We have Arrived !

Inside their cheese shop (which is the original 100 year old milking shed), the cheese tastings are complimentary. I think we tried about 6 -7 types of cheeses that day. ALL the cheese was really good (Personally, I prefer the cow’s milk ones). I was really in love with one of the cheeses and was tempted to get a tub back. Unfortunately, we still had some roads to cover and it’s not too good to leave the cheese without refrigeration for more than an hour or 2.

Cheese Selections for Dine-in Other Platters

So, the next option I have is to sit myself down and wallop the whole plate of cheese platter as compensation. Nom. Nom. Nom…

Our Cheese Platter 01 Our Cheese Platter 02

Aside from the cheese, there’s also quite a selection of desserts available. They have Ice-cream too !!! Personally, I think you should have at least ONE cheese platter if you are there. Come on… It’s a dairy ! ;p

Yummy desserts

What a beautiful rustic ambience to share an amazing cheese platter with friends and family, Chatting and chomping away. This is what life is about…Can’t wait till I’m back again.

Rustic Ambience inside Cheese shop