I am not a fan of thunder. Ask hub, he knows.

Yesterday around 5:20pm, I heard a really loud thunder while at work and I got so excited (weird – must be I dread the hazy weather more than thunder… lol). I literally ran to the window to check if it is raining.

And it was !!! yay !!!

Rain dropletsFinally, after days of being trapped in stuffy hazy condition, the wet rain with light cooling breeze was definitely a welcome change. IF not for all the warning about acid rain and etc… I would have happily ran out and stand under the rain. (But, hub forbid me to do it… oh well)

The sun is still looking orange… sigh. I miss the bright happy yellow sun, clear blue sky. And yesterday night during the raining was the first time I see birds flying pass after many days of missing from the sky. I wonder where have they been hiding all these time. Poor birds.

This morning, I’m so happy to hear that Port Klang API is 140, compare to yesterday morning at 495 (hazard level)!!!

I’m praying that it will RAIN again today. Rain rain…. please come again!