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When we were younger, my mum used to grate a jar of cucumber and leave it in the fridge for us during the hazy season. She claims that it will help to detox and re-hydrates our body, keeping us healthy. If you Google the health benefit of cucumber, you’ll be quite surprise how good this humble vegetable is for us.

So last weekend, I decided to make myself a jar of the cucumber. It took me only 10 mins to finish grating 3 large cucumbers (the local variety). Use the thickess grating setting you have and store it in a clean jar. Remember to keep the juice you got during grating. I think this jar can easily last me and hub for a week!

Jar of grated CucumberLast night going home after work was scary. The visibility was quite bad. Even in my car, I felt as if dust were clogging my throat up… I saw some people even wearing mask inside their car. I did thought of wearing one but I get a bit dizzy wearing mask for more than 30mins. No choice. The only alternative solution is to make sure I keep myself as healthy as possible.

Reaching home, I made myself a large glass of cucumber juice.

  • 2 large spoon of the grated cucumber
  • 1 spoon of the cucumber juice
  • some sugar syrup for taste
  • fill it up with nice cold water.

Quite refreshing and yummy too.

Refreshing drinkCucumber pieces Sometimes, I use honey instead of the sugar syrup. But, hubby hates honey (weird guy)… It’s really good for children too (I think), as we drank this stuff since we are wee lass… And, we are still healthy alive and kicking. LOL.

Please keep well everyone. Drink plentiful water…