When hub forwarded this to me, I was wandering if I should bother reading it as it was a really LONG chain mail. But, curiosity got the better of me.

I have no idea where this come from so, I’m sorry if I didn’t do a proper acknowledgement. Some of these facts about cucumber really intrigued me. So, here I am sharing it with you guys… ;p

1) Cucumber contains most of the vitamins you need everyday.(so, maybe they should change it to a cucumber a day, keeps the doctor away)

2) Cucumber provides that quick energy boost that can last for hours ! (bye bye coffee, bye bye red bull, bye bye livita)

3) Rub cucumber slices along the mirror to eliminate fogging up.  (WOW.. serious? this I got to try…)

4) Chemical from cucumber reacting with aluminum drives pests crazy and make them flee (place cucumber in tin around your garden – Natural insecticide. Wahh… this also I must try).

5) Cucumber works great on wrinkles and reducing visibility of cellulite. (Women out there don’t need to spend hundreds and thousands anymore!!! the humble cucumber probably only cost RM 1 in the market)

6) Chew on cucumber before and after bed to avoid hangover and headache. (hmm.. might need some guinea pig to try this and let me know if it works or not… any volunteer?)

7) Chemical from cucumber provides quick and durable shine on your leather shoe. Repels water too. (Hmm… will it attract ants or insects in return?? Interesting…but, not so sure I want to take the risk on my shoe. Wonder if I can sneakily experiment on hub’s without him knowing. Muahahaha… )

8) Out of WD 40, Rub cucumber slice on squeaky hinges. (Serious??! WAHH…I would have tot it might be a temporary solution. Won’t the hinges gets rusty later from the cucumber juice? O_o)

9) Cucumber kills bad breath. (This I believe. I always feel that my mouth is fresher after eating cucumber. That’s why they always give you a few slices of cucumber when you eat satay or nasi lemak)

10) Cucumber skin as eraser to take out pencil / pen / crayon on walls (I am not so sure about trying this on our white wall. Anyway, we use Dulux easyclean paint on our wall. So far, most marking can be easily wipes off with cloth and water .. phew)

11) Cucumber to clean sinks or taps. Remove years of tarnish and brings back shine. (very tempted to try this…)

Have fun trying it. 😉