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This blog post have been sitting in my to-post list for ages… almost 6 years actually! (hehehe…) So, it’s kind of an out-dated one. But since it has been AGES since my last post (more then 6 months), I figure it’s better than nothing. LOL.

When I was young… I always dream of going to Disneyland. It was like one of my ultimate wish. But unfortunately, that dream didn’t materialised until much later. During one of my business trip to Japan, I had 2 days of free and easy slotted right in between meetings. After discussing with my Japanese colleague, he insisted we head to Disneyland when he found out I have never been to one. I was not very keen as I am not a fan of rides or crowd. But, he won. So, we went.

Arriving at the Resort Gateway Station, we took the Mickey Mouse monorail to the main entrance. Resort Gateway Station

Look how cute, the iconic Mickey ears for windows. Mickey Mould window on Train

This was how much the ticket cost in 2008. But, bear in mind that Japanese yen is much stronger then compare to today. One day adult ticket in 2008 was 5,800Yen (which was about MYR230+ then). Today, the same ticket in 2014 is about 6,400Yen (about MYR 190+). So, for those thinking of heading to Japan… now is a good time! (aside from the radiation worry and etc…) Disneyland Ticket price

It was near to Christmas when I go so the whole place was deck with Christmas decoration. They even created snowman Mickey!!! It’s so weird…but still cute. LOL.

DSC04946 DSC04947 DSC05055Since I am not a fan of rides, I think I only went for 2 or 3… really SLOW rides. I didn’t want to spend the whole day hugging the dustbin and throwing up. My colleague was not impressed and he was really embarrassed when I force him to go on the merry go round with me… Hahaha.

What I really enjoy most was checking out the structures and amazing colors of the decorations. How can you not love the iconic Disney Castle, right? DSC04995DSC04959 DSC05014 DSC05017

There were 2 highlights for me during this visit.

The parades in the afternoon and evening. It’s very different. So, I think it’s good to stay for the evening parades as well… Just make sure you dress warmly (in winter) and grab a spot at the front before it starts. The evening show ended with amazing fireworks. DSC05050  DSC05125

And, Meeting Mickey Mouse., of course !!! BUT, I had to stay in the queue for almost 1 hours for that ! And, I was already lucky since everyone rush out from their queue when the afternoon parade started. I decided to forgo the whole parade and ran to queue and meet Mickey.

Did I enjoy myself? Yes – it was ok. Just not as great or fantastic as I hope. Maybe the novelty has already worn off.

Would I go Disneyland again? Maybe not… but then, who knows… never say never.DSC05063