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It was a weekday (the exact date for our anniversary) and unplanned. Hub just decided on the spot when I meet him after work. We call café-café to check if they have a spot for 2 and off we go. Traffic was surprisingly ok and we manage to rock in there really early, before 6:45pm. The place was still empty.

Romantic-Dramatic ambience

Greeted by friendly staff and they start us off with some refreshing drinks. The place is still as pretty and romantic as I remember it. It was almost 5 years since we last come here. Hub brought me here when we were still dating. So, it was kind of sweet of him to bring me here for a quiet dinner that night.

The menu has definitely changed over the time but I still see some familiar dishes on it. We ordered their fix menu and chatted happily sipping on our wine while waiting for our food to arrive.

For starters…

Honey Truffles Prawn Foie Gras Scallop EscargotThe prawn was quite fresh. hub love it… We both like the pan sear foie gras (the portion is much smaller than it was last time). Scallop was over-cooked (sigh…) and we were abit shock by the escargot… because on the menu it mention Escargots in Ratatouille. This is Escargots à la Bourguignonne! We felt that it was a little too heavy on the garlic (and hub is a super garlic fan somemore).

For mains…

Black Angus TenderloinLamb Medallion

Black Angus Tenderlion and Lamb Medallion. Beef quality was not impressive. Lamb was ok. In fact, hub and I both preferred the condiments around that plate more than the main star itself. oh well…

Before dessert, they present us with strawberry / raspberry sorbet which was rock solid hard. lol… we were abit shock because normally sorbet we have are nice and fluffy. a tad too sweet for palate cleanser…

After that, they serve us petite four. I love the earl grey and green tea cake on the right. The cheese was so-so… the macaroons is an acquired taste (The flavor is too intense and unique, so-not-for-me). Hub almost laugh when i was struggling to not spit it out. lol. it’s definitely the most horrible macaroons flavor we have ever try. And, we have tried ALOT….

Petit Four


For dessert,

Chocolate Lava cakewe had the chocolate lava and Crème brûlée. The original fixed was tiramisu. But, I’ve taste enough tiramisu in Malaysia to know non i can find here is comparable to what I have in Europe. So, I gave up on tiramisu in Malaysia. They were nice enough to change it for us. I really like the lave cake. It’s very nicely moist and fresh. The scatter of slightly salted sesame crumbles is a very nice touch for the palette.

I can’t say that the food is great all the way. There’s definitely some hits and miss. But, we had fun and the ambiance was still romantic. Happy Anniversary dear.