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If you are looking for a nice romantic quiet fine dining place, this is it. I simply love the clean elegance of this place. Not to mention, their staff are super friendly and always approach our table with a big smile. Hence, this was our first pick to celebrate our Anniversary.

Over the years, this restaurant has never fail to serve good quality consistent taste meal. (Can’t say it’s the same for the portion – I remember it was a much bigger serving previously. Personally, I don’t really mind with the smaller portion as long as the quality is still there).

Customary bread and truffle butter (I still think Cilantro serves the BEST truffle butter in all the restaurant I’ve been to). Followed by the Amuse bouche.

Butter with truffles Amuse bouche

A lot of people will be shock when they see how my family eats western food, but, I think it’s a much more interesting way. We ordered 3 sets of the 4 course meal to share between the 4 of us. That way, we get to taste everything! I Love the appetizers in Cilantro and we had 6 plates of it! (yay… jumping with joy).

Here we go…

Ebi Carpaccio 02

Oyster Chaud-Froid with Kinome Risotto of Tarabagani with Saffron Terrine of Chapon with Lobster Unagi with Foie Gras and Mesclun 02 Wagyu Tartare with Egg Mollet

Like i say… I LOVE their appetizer. How can you not? Look at it !!! It’s fantastic. My favourite would have to be the Risotto and the Wagyu Tartare.

For mains, we had

Milk Fed Lamb Rack with Houba Miso Confit of Loire Poussin with Truffle 02 2 Way Preparation Wagyu with Asparagus 02Yes – the portion is surprisingly small for mains. I am quite surprise as I remember it used to be more than this. Anyway, good news is the taste is still good. My favourite would have to be the spring chicken (poussin).

Dessert and coffee time !!! There’s always room for dessert…

Soufflé Rhubard Mascarpone Cake with Apricot Sorbet Feuillantine of Chestnut Creme Brûlée 02 Expresso (2)Great meal. Great wine. Great company. This is life… !