October is crazy…

Hub and I have been traveling like mad this month. Before we had chance to unpack our luggage, we need to be packing again. The only good thing is that, we know all the little misc which we need to carry are already packed and we can just throw it into another luggage.

This week is the only week we finally have some time to settle down. This week is also my birthday week !!!

Hub ask if I want to go anywhere to celebrate my birthday… (decisions decisions)

But in the end, I told him that I just want to stay at home. hahaha.. shocking, eh?

I think it would be really lovely to wake up at 10am in my OWN bed. Have a nice slow and lazy breakfast (preferable one that stretch until lunch time). Tend to my ‘dying’ herb garden and perhaps bake a cake or two… Snuggle up with a good book and good cuppa tea.

ooo… that would be wonderful birthday for me indeed. I know it sounds absolutely boring, right? sigh… Maybe I am getting old. hohoho…

Not to mention, we will need to travel again next week. So, yes. I think i definitely want to just stay at home this weekend for my birthday.