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Hmm… Notice a significant rise in Korean influence within Paris lately.

Perhaps it is due to the K-pop culture which is also rising everywhere else in the world! Everywhere I turn, I hear Psy Gangnam style song!!! (When I say everywhere, it’s at different parts of the world! Globalisation indeed)

What I find really weird / Interesting is how a lot of the restaurant now in Paris, combine Japanese and Korean food together. Whenever you enter a restaurant (which you think is Japanese), also serves Korean! For European who might not be really familiar with these 2 cuisines, they might find it very similar.

But, to me, Japanese and Korean food is like totally different. On one end, Japanese cuisine is very delicate in taste, light and not oily. On the other end, Korean cuisine is very strong in taste; heavy and quite oily.

Anyway, hub and I was strolling by Rue Lauriston when we spotted this quaint little café / sushi shop. And, we were shock when we see korean food listed in the menu. Sushi shop serving korean food? interesting…).

As we were quite hungry, we decided to hop in and have a quick meal (I was attracted to them because they serve bibimbap. It was raining the whole day and it’s just so blissful to be able to sink my teeth into something really HOT).

The waiter / chef speak mostly French and very little English. Luckily, he also speaks Japanese. So, with our half past six French and Japanese, we manage to place our order. Yay!

First thing we ordered was the mango Foie Gras Sushi. Look how beautiful it is. I love the color of the mango. It was so sweet and juicy. Unfortunately, too sweet for this dish. The taste of the mango was so powerful that it totally mask the foie gras. A little wasted in my opinion. But, it was still yummy.

ahh…. my bibimbap. So nice and hot. It was actually quite good. The only thing missing is cucumber. I think it would have add a little more crunch to this dish.

Hubby’s pork hot pot. It was not bad. A tad salty for me, but, that’s quite norm for Korean food.

While we were there, we notice a lot of people coming in to take away sushi. So, I guess it’s quite safe to say, their other sushi offering must be quite good too…

Muic Sushi
26 Rue Lauriston 75016 Paris France‎
+33 1 45 05 93 82
Metro : Kebler