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All hopes to witness the nuit blanche was totally dashed for me when Paris won’t stop raining from morning till wee hours. Hub and I was loitering around shopping centres in Paris, hoping to escape the rain until it stops. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop at all !!!

So, we thought we will wait it out in our room (getting some rest in preparation for walking we will need to do for the nuit blanche). The rain continue to pour until 11:30pm. By then, I was super sleepy and also felt too lazy to move since we have to wake up by 6:30am to catch our flight. Hub was still quite gung-ho about venturing into the night, but, seeing how I was so reluctant to leave, he sweetly stayed back to keep me company. aww… thanks hub.

So, I’m sorry to announce that I won’t have any material to blog about the 2012 nuit blanche in Paris.