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After almost 2 weeks of travelling around France (for work), i finally had the time to sit down and hopefully upload a quick post. Just learned that tomorrow is the annual Nuit Blanche in Paris.

Nuit Blanche which translate as white night, is a late-night art festival event which begins it’s roots in Nantes, France 1984. It’s so popular that soon many cities adopt this idea and have their own version of late-night cultural festival. (I read that over 120 cities in the world celebrate this now)

Interestingly eventough this event was created in France, it is only adopted in Paris from 2002.  Paris celebrates this annual event on the first saturday in october every year now.

This year, it will be on 6th October (which is tomorrow). It’ll start from 6:30pm to 5:30am the next day ! and coincidently, hub and I will be heading into Paris tomorrow morning (yay !)

Train / metro lines will be open all night thru to the next morning. And, it’s free between 2am – 5:30am (the next day). how cool is that?! And Museums are going to open their door to visitor all night long for free too. Wow.

hmm… I wonder if this means that shopping centres are also open all night long?!!! hehehe…

OOO… and for my friends and family in Melbourne, I read on wiki that Melbourne will host Australia’s first white night in 2013 !!!

till tomorrow night then. (I better get more rest tonight if I’m going to be partying all night tomorrow…Muahahaaa.)