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I have been hunting for our Master Bedroom bedside table forever. Flipping thru every ID magazine I have, and googling up bedside table images whenever I have free time. It was like the item which bugs me constantly (every night when I go to bed!)

Actually, my ID did design a nice layout for our bed which includes the bedside table…

But, I much prefer one-piece standalones items whenever possible. I am an advocate that build-ins should only be at areas where the shape is odd or when you need the shelving to totally blend into the background.

Unfortunately, there is really limited selection of nice bedside table here in KL/PJ/SA area! If I found any, it is priced at between RM1,8k – RM 3k for ONE ! So, a pair would cost us like RM 4k?! (Way over our budget. Sigh…)

I refuse to look into IKEA’s offering as I didn’t want a mass production feel in our bedroom (Don’t get me wrong, I love IKEA, but, I just thought our bedroom should be special). Hence, the search continues… I told hub that we should take our time and find ‘the bedside’. He just rolls his eyes whenever I hunt for my bedside table. For him, it’s not an important piece of furniture. Bleh..

But, for me, it’s important.

I have been living with most of my bedside items (glasses, cups, books, Ipad, hp and etc on the floor). Is it REALLY frustrating I tell you! Every morning when the alarm goes off, I had to quickly sweep my hand along the floor to locate the handphone to switch it off / put it on snooze. Sigh… after a month, I develop special method to locate the phone. First, I locate the charger and then, I reel my handphone in (like fishing). bleh.

There were times that I was ready to cave-in and call my ID to come and just do it… Finally, I decided I have enough. I shouldn’t let the bedside table bug me anymore. I opened the IKEA browser and look under bedside table. Hehehe…

Surprisingly, I found 2 which I kinda like. It’s not ‘the bedside table’ but, it’s good enough. Which should I get? Hmm…and they claim it to be solid wood (I usually take it with big spoon of salt when it comes to IKEA’s claim to solid).

I like this


I finally choose the RM199 one. Reason? I love the clean look and the availability of open space below. Can put Ipad there and also books!

I’m glad that’s out of the picture… let’s see… What’s next? 😉