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It’s my baby sister’s birthday this month. Unfortunately, I am not in Melbourne to celebrate it with her. But, we will definitely celebrate it again when she comes back for holiday end of this year. I miss you so much meimei (baby sister in mandarin). Thankfully, there’s wassap and chatting with her daily is so easy and FREE !

She sent me some pictures of the birthday cakes which her friends made for her. IT is absolutely stunning and really creative that I must share it here! My sister is very lucky indeed to have friends like this!

The foodscape cake is made with edible food like vegetables, bread, nuts, mushrooms, avocado, and etc). It’s so COOL, rite?!!! It’s so much more interesting than the average cake (Healthier too). I’ve seen some foodscape previously. But, most of the time, it is for advertisement. (e.g. cadbury chocolate). This is the first time I’ve seen it used as birthday cake.

Apart from that, they also baked her one choco-piggy cake. Aww… it’s so cute. Love the eyes and the nose! Kawai-ne (cute in japanese) !!! I want one too!!! Hehehe.

Happy Birthday dear Meimei. Hope you had a great one and an amazing year ahead. May the Lord continue to look over you, protect you and bless you abundantly.

And, Thank you Lord for surrounding her with precious friends and family at all time.