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I wanted to get my Open Water Divers License since 2004. Every year after that, it took up one line in my 10 Resolutions of the Year. But, year after year, it is still there. Not crossed off from my list. (aih aih aih…)

I was about to totally give up when suddenly, opportunity came. I steeled myself and went thru with it. So, finally after 8 long years (!!!), I am finally pushing myself to actually go get my PADI license ! (better late than never, right?)

The best part? I manage to drag hubby (who much rather enjoy the sea on land), to be my buddy. Yay!!!.

I did my pool session in Diver’s Den. That was my first time breathing under water. The feeling was complicated. I can’t say it was an amazing experience and yet it was intriguing. Breathing with your mouth which seems like something that is so easy to do, is not so easy when you are under the water. Many times, instinct dictates that I revert back to my nose, only to find myself chocking and rushing to surface (warning : NOT something you do if you are in the sea).

Thankfully, I survived the first pool session. Manage to equalize at 2 meters. Practice a few things under the pool. i.e. clearing mask, breathing without mask, learning about our equipment, and etc.

Next stop, Perhentian Island…