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Hub and I decided to head over to RBB after hearing so much good things about it. Another of our friend join us there. The first thing I love about this place is the airy open concept layout. I love SPACE. The smell of coffee brewing helps too. Hehehe…

I love the juice variety they have. Please note that the juice is served in glasses which are really small (Teacup size). Personally, I would prefer to pay slightly more and it served on a bigger glass.

Hub and I shared the baked egg and French toast. Baked egg was a little disappointing. I had such high hopes. Le sigh…The tomato base sauce with lamb sausage was a little too overpowering in my opinion. I hardly taste the egg at all. It was like the egg took a backseat in this dish. Overall, it was not a bad dish had it not been named Baked Egg. I would have renamed it as baked lamb sausage with egg…or something along that line.

The French toast was not bad. Hub was not a fan of the crispy almond. I thought it was a little too much crunch too. I like the thick slice the offered. It would be even better if the bread was soaked a little longer in the egg mixture before pan frying. Love the slightly caramelized banana and strawberry on the side. It was yummy…

SJ ordered the Eggs Atlantic (Seafood version of eggs benedict). I didn’t try this. So, no comment. But, it does look delicious.

We patiently waited until lunch time to order the Fowl Luck (Roast chicken). Chicken was juicy and tender. Creamy mushroom sauce taste great with the hint of olives. Love it.

Will definitely head back to RBB to try out their other lunch menu.