OOo.. I am so excited.

Last night when I come home tired and still feeling a little under the weather, I decided not to cook and just eat instant noodle for dinner.. I walked into the living room, pull back the curtain and saw…. a stray cat staring at me.

I walk out to the garden and saw the cat quickly ran off. oh well…

Then, I hear tiny scuffling. I was worry. Could it be RATS?!! Is that why the cat was here… I hunted high and low for it.. and finally, I located the source of the noise, hidden behind some plywood board which hubby had leaning against the wall. I pull open and saw 2 cutest little kitten.

Aww… One is black and the other is white with orangy spot.

The Mama-Cat come back, and I suspect she is not a stray because she has NO fear for human at all.. When I kneel down, she come over and begging me to stroke her. hahaha… even flip over on her back with her four paws up in the air.

Told hub when he come home and both of us ended up looking and playing with the kittens and mama-cat.

The Black one started making its way around my basil plant. When I pick him up, he smell like basil. hahahaa.. so, I named this little thing Basil. (Still haven’t determine the gender yet)

As for the other white orangy baby, we didn’t dare to pick it up as it was hissing away. ;p

This morning, we checked and they are all still there….

If they are still around tonight, I’ll try and get some better shots.