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Hot Pot is also known as Steamboat in Malaysia (and Singapore). The popular Japanese hot pot styles (Nabemono) are Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu. It has some similarity to the French fondue or Bourguignonne.

Anyway, Tian Xiang Hui Wei is a chain started from Taiwan. I think they have branches in Japan also.

It is one of the few steamboat places which my family and I frequent. Why? It’s convenient to find a car park, it’s nicely air-conditioned, staffs are friendly, food is quite fresh and clean, soup base is good, and not to mention, they have some sort of promotion where we end up getting close to 40-50% discount (just on food not drinks).

The item I love most here is the Mongolian wrap. Yummz… (But at the price of RM20 – it does seems a little steep for 5 balls !)

And their slice beef is not bad too. Look at their meat selections !!! At least their order portion and the picture actually matches (btw, we had 2 portions on this plate…so, it looks alot more than the picture). Some place we go are really different. tsk tsk tsk…

They have variety of soup base for you to choose from… I normally just take the normal herbal type. The spicy soup is too much for me.

Be prepared to pay at least RM 400~500 (for 6 people). This place is not cheap if you are paying FULL price. They have voucher which you can purchase for lower price (hence the discounts we get). Just ask them about it and their staff will be able to explain to you.

Dig in !!!

It’s located in Sunway Giza (Kota Damansara). It’s on the 3rd floor of the shoplot. Below is Overtime.