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We were around semenyih area around lunch time after the Cheng beng festival. After driving along the main road searching for food, we finally settle on this little quaint restaurant. The name of the restaurant caught hub’s eye and I was quite curious. Seow Man Hot Soups

After settling down, we ordered from the short list of items from their menu. I think it’s a good tactic especially when you are a small restaurant. Better to focus on what you are really good at and also keep the inventory of perishable down.

Claypot white pepper soup with pork and chicken

I am a big fan of white pepper soup. So, I was delighted when they place it down in front of me. yumm… love it. Really tasty without it being too spicy from the pepper. Personally, I prefer the chicken over the pork for this style.

Claypot pork in chinese wine

We also had the claypot pork in chinese wine. This was really yummy and goes really well with rice. hehehe… hub’s favourite (of course ;p)

Sizzling tofu Omelette

The sizzling tofu was pretty good too. I love the omelette underneath the sizzling plate. Be careful to scrap it up as soon as the egg cook and not let it sit too long (or it will charcoaled).

It’s not bad… Price is pretty reasonable. If I am ever around Semenyih, I’ll probably drop by again.