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What a mouthful! This is their 4th show.

So, when Ms. J asked if hub and I was interested to go watch Indicinelive, I was a bit skeptic and curious at the same time. Priced at RM 38 / adult, we decided, why not.

Venue: Actors Studio @ Lot 10.

It’s my first time in this studio. I love the roof top garden right outside the studio! It’s so beautiful and romantic… It would be AMAZING to have photo shoot here. The layout of the studio is really simple and nice. I love the chairs (very simple and yet comfy).

As this was my first time watching Indicinelive, I had totally no idea what it is about except that it is made up of short sketches. The opening was a little weak (in my opinion). It felt like everything was thrown together last minute and something which you can get from campfire events (during our high-school days).

Since I was having a slight headache that night, I was moaning to myself. Should I sit thru the whole show or just to leave half way? I was super glad I stayed for the next sketch.

It only went uphill from then on. The team did a great job bringing humor to our day-to-day lives. I love the parodies of songs which they sang. Hahaha…one of the song stuck in my mind even till now!!!

I really enjoyed myself and the best part? My headache was gone! And, I didn’t even take Panadol!!! Laughing is indeed the best medicine. 😉

The show is still on-going until 17th June 2012. If you wanna enjoy some casual comedy night out…why not give it a go. BTW, it’s free seating. So, go early !!! ;p