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Fischhaus – One of my favourite restaurants whenever I am in Dusseldorf. It’s located along Berger Strasse in the old town, Altstadt (it is quite convenient to get here if you are well verse with the Germany complicated train system…Hehehe.) 

This place is always packed during dinner. And, if there is any international show / exhibition on-going in the city, forget about going there unless you have made reservation in advance. 

My trick is to head straight to Fischhaus 1 or 2 days before the exhibition start or when the show is over. 

The restaurant is open from 11:30am to 12 mid-nights (everyday). If you can ran off for a nice long lunch (which I don’t since I’m usually there for work…), you can try going there for lunch or have early dinner to avoid the crowd. 

 Original französische Fischsuppe (EUR 7,50) Fish soup 

Plateau de fruits de mer “Fischhaus” (EUR23,50) Fresh Seafood platter Gegrillter Tintenfisch (EUR 14,50) Grilled octopus 

Hummerpfanne Fischhause auf Safran-Reis (EUR23,50) Lobster pan with saffron rice

They also serve the traditional paella (don’t remember price)

And my all time favourite Oysters!!! (I usually just check with them which type of oyster is really fresh and what style of cooking they recommend) 

Thanks to Innovative Baker for introducing this place to me. 🙂 That’s me and her catching up… hub took a picture of us without us realising it. hehehee…

 No… the three of us didn’t eat all these food. hehhee.. it’s just a collection of dishes I have tried and like in this restaurant over some time.