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The advises I got with regards to where the feature wall should be is as below.

1) Should be the wall which is most solid (i.e. no windows / doors and etc)

2) The first wall you see when you walk into a room

3) The place where you wish to draw people’s attention to

Most of the rooms was quite easy to decide on our feature wall. (e.g. For the bedrooms, it is where we plan to put our headboard)

The tricky bit for us was the living room downstairs and the family room upstairs. Generally, most people place it on the wall where they hand their TV. However, for us, that wall is full of holes !!! (Big giant sliding doors)

Finally, I decided to make the wall along the staircase our feature wall. The reason is because I would like to create illusion of continuous flow from downstairs to upstairs. One Giant feature wall connecting 2 spaces !!! Not to mention, I bought some really nice funky wall lights which gives out interesting shadow that would not have stood out if the wall was white. (Fingers cross that it will work out as I imagine)

After deciding on the wall, it was the color next. Generally (in my opinion), it is either you opt for the harmonious effect or the dramatic results. 

As I recently pointed out to my BFF, I find out when it comes to my living space / home, I am actually not very adventurous. hehehe… Hence, I sticked with harmonious effects. So, No daring bold colors for me! (i.e. No neon pink / Chili Red and etc)

But, this doesn’t means that our feature wall ended up with boring tone. You can still get a pretty significant standout feature wall by choosing a darker shade of your overall color scheme. In our case, our house is based on Brown and Greyish scheme.

After some serious paint hunting, here is our feature wall. Painted in ICI Dulux Pentalite Easyclean – Smokey Glass (50YR 22/052). In another shot, it actually leans towards grey… how interesting, eh?

So far this is just the first coat and we are happy with the results. I can’t wait when the whole place finish painting…