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The only drawback of staying in Malaysia is the constant heat. Yesterday’s heat was terrible. I felt like I was melting even after shower. oo… how I miss winter !!! (A lot of people think I’m weird. But, I love COLD weather so much !!!)

And when I think of winter, I start missing Angelina’s hot chocolate! Thanks to my friend Jim & Jenn for introducing La Maison Angelina to me.

Now, whenever I am in Paris, I will definitely drop by to grab a cup of hot chocolate. (The restaurant is near the Tuileries Metro, along Rue de Rivoli) The place is super pack especially during lunch / tea time. So, it might be a good idea if you call in to make reservation. Personally, I am not a big fan of queues or making reservation (it’s never possible to know your time when you are on business trip)

So, what I normally do is just grab a cup to go. I enjoy sipping it slowly while taking a nice stroll in the garden, enjoying the view and cold air. Hub was not very impress with the hot chocolate, but, he really likes the mont-blanc pastry. (No picture – as he wallop the whole thing before I remember to snap…) It tasted chestnut-ish filled with cream in the centre. my turn to be not overly impressed. (hehehe)

aih… and now, I miss Paris too.