The flu finally show some sign of recovery by mid week. I was so happy about it since I need to be bringing some customers of mine who are visiting from France around Kuala Lumpur… I kept popping pills and drinking plentiful water hoping it will go away ASAP.

When that day come, I brought them to the customary picture taking session of our famous Petronas twin tower. Follow by a trip to the KL Tower. Everything was going on so well. Hubby had a great time pointing out the different location when we were at the top.

When we finish the tour, we made our way to the Hakka restaurant nearby. When we sat down, I started feeling a little sick. It was like the whole world is floating around. I tried to keep a smiley face and cheerfully chat away.

Halfway thru the meal, my world turn black and I crash onto the table !!!

Sigh.. Sobb.. sob…  T_T

Luckily I have managed to push the plate of rice in front of me away and utter “Dear, I’m not feeling too good” before the dramatic crash…

When I resurface from the blackout, I was drenched in cold sweat. Luckily hubby was there with me that day (it was a holiday, so, hub decided to tag along)… IF not, I am not sure how my customer would have reacted. ;p 

I am so mortified!!! And embarrassed. 

Later hubby told me that my customers was a little shocked and didn’t touch any of the food during the 1-2 minutes that I was out. Damn.. ops…  

They were kind enough not to mention this episode to my boss or my other colleagues. ;p hahaha… IF not, I will be the laughingstock in the whole company.

 Moral of the story : It takes time to heal… don’t think popping extra pills is going to help. blehh…