Full blown flu since this morning. sob sob… feeling so tired. Wish I could skip work but not possible since there’s so many things to settle. le sigh.

Of all the flu variety, I hate leaky flu the most.

It’s so irritating. your eyes gets watery and you keep having to hold on to a tissue, which gets wet and soggy over time. (yuck…) sigh.. At least if it is the blocked nose type, you can still breath thru your mouth and avoid the need to keep rubbing your nose.

I gave up half day thru work and just stuff my nose with tissue. I stop caring about how my colleague will stare and laugh at me. It’s just too damn tiring to keep wiping your nose while trying to type. Not to mention, sore upper lip over time.

Down a huge cup of honey lemon during dinner and it seems better for a while. Unfortunately, it’s back again.