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Our friends told us that Foh San can get pretty crowded and advice us to reach there as early as possible. So, we actually woke up at 6am hoping to be the early worm. As we make our way to Foh San from our hotel, we saw scatters of groups  heading the same direction !!! oh my oh my… by the time we reach there, it was about 7am and the place was packed !!!

Hub and I actually have been to Foh San some time back. So, we were quite impressed by the newly renovated Foh San. Love the colors and high ceiling.

When we were waiting for a table, we noticed that one small group of people hogged a huge table. We asked is they mind sharing and to our shock, they mind !!! bleh. So, we patiently waited and search for a table. Finally, we manage to secure one…Yay !!! Eating time…

Unlike most Dim Sum place in KL, you actually have to line up to grab the dim sum you want. The lines are crazy. When fresh batch of dim sum comes up, it’s like everyone knows and dash there. When you see the line clear up, it means that there’s nothing much left in the steamer stall.

We manage to lay our hands on the typical dim sum like Siew Mai, Har Gau, Steam Fish Ball, Chee Cheung Fun (Prawn), lotus seed bun, and some other dumplings. Most of these are rather so-so. Not bad but not fantastic either.

I also had their Milk Custard and Mango Puding…

The best dish I had there was the Water Chestnut Cake / Jelly. When served, it was still hot. The sweetness was just right and I love love love the chewy texture. It’s really good.

We saw an elderly couple waiting for table and asked them if they wish to share our table with us. It was quite interesting as they told us many people don’t have sharing habits here. It was not a biggie for us and it doesn’t make sense since it’s not like the other party will eat your dim sum. Esh… We were glad we share our table as they share with us many interesting stories about Ipoh and juicy gossips. Hehehe… And they even share and insist we try the radish cake they ordered. (Good deeds are rewarded –ok !)

Overall it was an ok experience. Definitely worth trying but we were not really impressed. Maybe it’s because we are not quick on our feet and didn’t manage to grab any really interesting dim sum? Oh well – maybe in our next trip.